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The Raider season is over, but football hasn’t stopped. I’ve been busy working on a few articles about a couple of the playoff teams and some strategy articles. As I said before, I am going to do a position by position breakdown for the Raiders including needs and what needs to be done in the offseason to improve these positions. I’ll get that done after the Superbowl before the draft. Afterwards, I will do some prospect analysis for potential picks that Reggie Mckenzie might be or should be targeting. Check out some of the work, I’ve done for Inside the Pylon.

This article is about Cam Newton’s RPO QB Sweep that put the game away in the NFC Championship game. I don’t expect the Raiders to be running Carr on sweeps anytime soon, but it gives some insight to the advantages of using the QB in the run game. Something I think the Raiders should do with Carr. Obviously, not quite like how the Panthers do it, but Carr is definitely a viable option for the zone read.

Panther’s QB Sweep RPO

I broke down Vernon Adams Jr.’s 3 TDs. He has nothing to do with the Raiders, but he is just an interesting player with such an aggressive “play-making” mentality.

Vernon Adams Jr. Shrine Superstar

Here are 3 ways that 3 different teams run power. The Raiders could run the last power scheme that is discussed.

3 Ways to Run Power

The Patriots really utilize their match-up problem players in the pass game and they use this to set up their running game. The Raiders would be wise to study how Josh Mcdaniels does this. The offense could really use a pass catching running back considering how much man coverage that the Raiders see.

How the Patriots exploit Match-ups

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