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Hello inquisitive members of Raider Nation and football junkies,

I am off to New Orleans for this week for vacation and to do some spying on the Saints for the Raiders week 1 game against them. I might not be able to post much this week, but here are some links from work that I’ve done outside of Raiders Analysis.

I started a youtube channel where I will be posting my Raiders Film Analysis from now on, so please subscribe to that:

Raiders Analysis Youtube Channel

I wrote about how each of the Raiders draft pick might fit into the team with help from former scout Dan Hatman:

2016 Raider Draft Fits

Learn about running back reads in a zone-running system. Raiders run inside zone a lot so be sure to check out the last part of the video:

Cowboys Run Game

Learn about RPOs and about how quarterbacks make decisions within these concepts. Raiders run a lot of these them too:

RPO Pre-snap and Post-snap Reads

Here are player profiles I did for Silver & Black Pride for Khalil Mack, Karl Joseph, and Mario Edwards Jr.:

Links of the Week:

Mark Schofield takes a detailed look at Bob Stitts offense. I highly recommend these links for those of you who want to what’s under the hood of an offensive system:

Part 1

Part 2

Game planning against the 3-3 could be a headache for offensive coordinators. Trust me. Alex Kirby does a great job of explaining why:

Five Reasons to run the 3-3

Ian Boyd writes a really interesting report on how 4-3 defenses are evolving to counter the spread football movement:

4-3 Defenses are Evolving

Arif Hasan does some of the best Analytics work around. Be sure to check out his pass rush metric:

Adjusting Pass Rush Percentage

Third down is the money down and defenses usually save their best schemes for these situations. Sal Conti, a bright young coach/ scout, explains how Ohio State likes to pressure opposing offenses:

Ohio St.’s Third Down Pressures

Ted Nguyen is a football coach, offensive coordinator, QB coach, teacher and blogger. He graduated from UC Davis with his degree in English-Critical Analysis. He enjoys long walks on the beach and researching and writing about the latest developments and trends in football strategy.

2 comments on “My Work for other Sites and Links of the Week

  1. James Phelps

    I am a huge Oakland Raiders fan and I just recently found your raiders analysis website and I think it is awesome!! I have a question for you related to the 2015 raiders offense. What were the raiders most used passing concepts in 2015? I have seen in some of your videos where they used a snag concept, and a sail concept. I am just curious what passing concepts they used the most last season.

    • Hey,

      Glad you are enjoying the site, James. The Raiders used a lot of snag, double posts, inside cross. I’m actually working on a preview that will almost be like a playbook that I will sell for $10. It’ll be a very comprehensive piece.


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